Angel Investor

Receive between an 8-12% fixed return per annum

We are offering persons the opportunity to invest into our proven Business model for a fantastic fixed rate of interest per annum. Money which is accumulating in selected bank accounts are attracting 0.5 – 1% per annum on total capital. We have actually calculated that no matter what level of funds is sat in a bank or savings account, capital is devaluing daily. Despite the harsh reality that we have brought to your attention, we might have the perfect investment solution for you.

At RJ Investments we have a heritage of expertise to help us analyse specific investment deals across the UK. As a result, through our robust systems and specific deal analysers we are hand selecting the best investments for our chosen strategy. It is through this level of finite systems and skills set that enables us to continue to be successful, offering potential investors the opportunity to receive such lucrative returns on short term investments.

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